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Apply Stayed 7 consecutive nights and from February 24th to March 31st, 2023.

If you are looking to come to Vancouver in the late winter or early Spring, and at the same time you want to save some money on a central accommodation, the St Clair Hotel-Hostel is your best option.

We are a small Hotel-Hostel. The property has a lot of story, is a heritage-listed building, built-in 1911 by Captain Pybus and Architect Birds. It was the first concrete building in Vancouver downtown.

We have three floors, and different kind of private rooms. You can chose between a double, twin or a twin bunk (can accommodate 2 people each), the triple, for three people, or the quadruple with 2 twin bunk beds (can accommodate 4 people).

In every season is a pleasure to host travelers from all over the world who comes for a Congress at the Vancouver Convention Center, or to a Hockey game at Rogers Arena Stadium, as an example.

Book directly from us. The best price is guaranteed.

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