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Santa & Christmas at the Vancouver Aquarium!

For family and kids this winter 2019:

A Christmas favourite at the Vancouver Aquarium is Scuba Claus.

In the lead-up to Christmas, Santa Claus makes an appearance at the Vancouver Aquarium in a giant fish tank. Crowds gather at set times, Santa’s flippered feet first appear, and then a fully-equipped underwater-diving St. Nicholas swims around with the fish and poses for photos. The entire event only lasts for a few minutes, but it’s very popular and a treat for children.

Returning holiday favourites at the Aquarium also include the electric-eel-powered Christmas tree (with feedings daily at 11:30 am), the tot-friendly kelp maze, and the picture-perfect jelly snow globe.

Scuba Claus makes his appearance once or twice a day between late November and Christmas Eve.

Where: Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park — 845 Avison Way, Vancouver.

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