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Instagram group called "Humans of Support" pays tribute to frontline workers!

There is a group on Instagram called Humans of Support. The idea is to share vivid portraits and profiles of the essential workers who are carrying us through the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Started three weeks ago by Vancouver photographer Erich Saide, the project highlights the contributions of the city’s front-line staff.

Stories of Hope:

He started by photographing nurses but quickly included other essential workers that we sometimes forget. For example, Humans of Support recently featured Kim Monteith with the BC SPCA, who helps people experiencing homelessness in the Downtown Eastside care for their pets.

A flight attendant they shot shared a story about a repatriation flight from Peru with 400 seats but 401 passengers who wanted to come home. In the end, the crew found space, so a father and his 10-year-old daughter, who was mistakenly listed as a lap-held infant, could make it back to Canada.

Three other team members have joined the project since: photographer Charles Zuckermann, digital media producer and photographer Zenna Wong, and media coordinator Tracey Wade, who writes the profiles.

At first, the team reached out to front-line workers, but now it’s gained so much popularity that people are nominating their friends and colleagues to be featured.

The project struck such a nerve that photographers in other cities have started their own Humans of Support pages. Saide is working to create an international network to help creators launch similar projects in their own cities.

If you’re interested in nominating someone to be featured on Humans of Support, reach out to the team on Instagram.

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