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Why Our Dorm Prices are 29.50? How you save...

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Here at the St Clair Hotel we believe in giving the best value for our customers, allowing them to travel on a budget without trying to squeeze money out of them at every opportunity like other hostels.

That is why we offer free tea and coffee (Coffee is only available till 2 pm). Have our recommendations for cheap food and offer vouchers for anyone to take.

But the biggest saving we give our hostel customers is to charge only $29.50 CAD for a one night stay, This because if we charge $30+ like our competitors , our customers would have to pay 17% tax. By charging under $30 they only have to pay 5% tax. This is because our customers then do not have to pay 12% PST.

We also have our current winter sale which has 20% off all week long bookings

Here you'll find our winter rates!

Book now!

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Jun 17, 2020

One small business in Vancouver says they have definitely experienced a spike in crime recently with 8 incidents reported in the last month 

GUEST: Lorraine Shorrock  

TITLE:  St. Clair Hotel-Hostel  on Richards St. by the Cathedral.

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